About Nick Fitzgerald Fitztography Photography
About NickFitzgerald Fitztography
Nick Fitzgerald, B.S.
Nick Fitzgerald, Fitztography

Hi, I'm Nick Fitzgerald.

I am a Real Estate and Commercial photographer based out of East Tennessee and the surrounding areas.


I have been doing professional photography for over 6 years now, but practicing photography for almost 10 years.

Following my passion, I earned a Bachelors degree in the field of photography from MTSU.

Photos online are almost everyones first impression of a home and where they choose whether to walk through or not. East TN has a fierce market for online presence with the real estate and I will be able to showcase your houses with the absolute best of them. 

I am a big team player and my focus isn’t on me, its on my customer. I can give you a brand image and instill confidence in your clients, that you’re going to give them the best value for their sale.

Last big thing is I am going to free your time and up to focus on what you do best. I understand there is a lot that goes into what you do and I am here to take the showcasing off your plate, its what I do best.

Get in touch and I will provide you with with professional, high quality imagery to take your business to the next level.

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